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Poza Rica

As one of the largest and most populated cities in Veracruz, Poza Rica is an important industrial and commercial center, since it’s a city with a lot exploration and drilling oil activities. Along with Papantla, Tihuatlán and Coatzintla, they constitute a metropolitan area with a population of 458,330 inhabitants, according to INEGI’s 2005 census.

Time zone, central standard time, UTC-6.
Zip Code 93261. Telephone area code +52 (782).
Population (INEGI 2005) 181,438 people.
Weather intensely tropical, with an average temperature of 24ºC.


Poza Rica has a wide variety of tourist attractions, for example, El Tajín, the most important archaeological site in the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Also, it is close to Costa Esmeralda, the most popular northern beach of Veracruz.

Moreover, you can visit El Cerro del Abuelo where it is possible to see the whole city and its Quemadores, big petroleum burners which were used to light the city in the early years.


El Tajín Airport, Poza Rica’s Airport, is a national airport located 12 km north of Poza Rica City. Its IATA code is PAZ and its OACI code is MMPA.

The airport operations have been increasing by the amount of passengers, executives and people that work in the oil industry.

Nowadays, several commercial aviation firms work at the airport, making flights to national destinations such as Mexico City, Villahermosa, Reynosa and Xalapa. Moreover, it is expected international flights to Houston Texas in the near future. More Information